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Home Improvement Maddness!

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on October 8, 2008

Well, it’s official.  We’ve taken all the wallpaper off and yesterday we sanded the bottom where the cheap paint laid in waiting, just threatening us with: I dare you to try and take me off! Needless to say, it only mostly came off.  But oh!  What a powder of fine dust that resulted from the attempt!!!  This is why Carol and I took percautions as we made ready to sand (see pictures below)

Argh! Bring it on, matey!

Argh! Bring it on, matey!

I've got my sander.  Where's the wall?

I've got my sander. Where's the wall?

You’ll notice a bit of the red wall behind and to the bottom of Carol.  That area, all around the room is what we sanded.  “Good grief!” was the outcry after we had finished.

You wouldn’t believe it, but that dust traveled into the kitchen, and not just by our walking into the kitchen to get things.  It went on of its own accord!  The vacuuming job I had to do when it was all over was ridiculous.

Remember when you were in grade school, and the dentist would come and make a class visit, and he would have those little red pills that he would instruct you let dissolve in your mouth;  and when you did, all the plaque on your teeth would appear red?  There were always those kids who always managed to get that red stuff all over their hands and desk.  Well, that’s what this room and the kitchen looked like!

The worst part about that is, you could see where all the fingerprints were on the cabinet doors and water cooler.  The floor didn’t look too great either!  No wonder when food is dropped on it, the 30 second rule DOES NOT APPLY. 🙂

So now we need to begin the final task of washing down the walls so that we can FINALLY begin painting!!!  Therefore, I will finish this post and go and help Carol. 🙂



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