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Posted by Anne Elizabeth on October 2, 2008

Life continues on, always providing little surprises here and there.  This Saturday is the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi (one of my patron saints and Spiritual Fathers), it’s also a First Saturday – the fifth Saturday for me since I began the devotion back in June; AND it’s my 35th birthday!  Yes, I’m not shy about my age. 🙂

But with all that is on that day, WOW!  What does Heaven have in mind for me?  I can tell you that my friend Carol is cooking up something extra special.  I’m not allowed over to her house after 4pm. 🙂  I do know that she’s planning on making me one of her famous and delicious chocolate cakes for my b-day cake!  We’re also having STEAK and garlic-mashed potatoes, which she makes by hand…they just melt in your mouth!!!  The steak also will have marinated for 24hrs, so that too should melt in our mouths!  Another friend of mine is bringing the wine – a Shiraz!  With all that I’ve described, don’t ya wish you could have the address and join us?

Carol’s dining room is coming along nicely.  We finally finished taking off the wallpaper and went through a final count of 4 bottles of that enzyme!!!  Today I repaired some of the major and minor holes in the wall along with some areas that need attention.  Tomorrow we hope to finish sanding the remaining paper off and begin painting the molding around the top of the ceiling and the windowsills- a touch-up job, more or less.  Then when that’s dry we can apply the first coat of the primer for the walls.  All that will take some time.

In the meantime, I’ve finally begun my other job, that thankfully, I get to do from the comfort of one of our local libraries and my computer.  It’s really nice not to have to go to an office and sit and work for 8 hrs.  The time also allows me to study for the GRE test that I need to obtain financial aid at Catholic U next Fall.  I’m happy to report that:

1) I get to take it on computer!  Yeah!!! I do better typing any day!
2) It’s in November, so I have plenty of good study time – the friend who is bringing the Shiraz said she was interested in helping me study- praise be to God!
3) I didn’t have to pay any late fees for registration!  Of course I’ll have to drive to Pittsburgh, but that’s not too bad.

Well, I think that’s all for now.  Please keep me in your prayers, especially for the studying!  I need to score as high as possible for full tuition and books coverage.  PhD’s are far more expensive than Masters – speaking of which, I received my diploma in the mail today.  It looks real nice!  But back to topic, though I know God will provide all that is needed, He LOVES it when His Creation participates through prayer for one another, so: PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!!  THANK YOU!

ps You’re welcome, Theresa, for the occasional updates!

Have a WONDERFUL Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi and First Saturday, EVERYONE!


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