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An In Between Post…

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on September 13, 2008

Meditation: 1 Corinthians 9:16-19, 22-27

What rich imagery St. Paul uses in this reading! We can all relate to a race, a crown, and a boxing match. And it’s not hard to grasp Paul’s point: As a preacher, he doesn’t consider himself to be in a privileged position, and neither should we!

Our salvation is not automatically guaranteed. Like any athlete, we must have discipline if we are to succeed. We all have to be dedicated to our goal and be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to attain it.

But what does it mean to “run the race”? It might help if we broke it down into two areas. First, there’s internal growth. That means taking our hearts to the Lord and asking [Him] to purify us of all that is opposed to [Him]. It means examining our consciences regularly—and with the help of the Holy Spirit—to see where we may be losing ground and where we may be gaining it. If we stick to this one simple practice, we will see progress we wouldn’t have believed possible.

Second, there’s external growth. How are you doing bringing the love of Christ to other people? Are you involved in some kind of evangelization, service to the poor, or other activities? Perhaps you don’t feel as if you’re doing very well internally, so you want to focus all your attention there. But God doesn’t expect you to be perfect before you get involved with his work. If you actually thought you were ready, [He] would have to use someone else anyway—because [He] only uses those who are humble enough to know they are nothing without [Him].

What has God called you to do? You may not be in full-time ministry, but you are still a full-time Christian! There is much to do, and Jesus is asking each of us to shoulder the load. If you’re not sure, or if you’re doing something that doesn’t seem to fit, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. Above all, remember that you are called to holiness, whether you are ushering at Mass, volunteering for the homeless, interceding for the sick, or serving your family. Everything you do, no matter how ordinary, can make a difference for Christ!

“Holy Spirit, melt me and mold me! Fill my heart with a love for Christ and a zeal for the gospel. Give me the grace to become all things to all people.”

Psalm 84:3-6,12; Luke 6:39-42

~Daily Meditation: Friday, Sept 13, 2008; Word Among Us publication (emphasis added)


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