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Oh, Hum day today…

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on July 10, 2008

Last week of classes, only three weeks before my final comprehensive exams, and a paper presentation to my fellow peers tomorrow make this day quite the “oh hum…” day.

Nothing too profound here. Life is continuing as it should – in accordance with God’s Holy Will for me – and of that I am quite certain! But there lies in waiting hope of many promises soon to be fulfilled. Just how God intends to fulfill them and when invokes the hope quietly residing in my heart. Again, God’s timing is PERFECT, and HIS WILL is not my own – instead it is BETTER than my own!

So I continue to keep my eyes focused on Him. Praying, sacrificing my everyday foibles (that is offering them back to Christ to make them better than they be), and making atonements in other small ways for the offenses existing against the Two Hearts.  These becomes my JOY and my ALL. The result?  Heavenly peace and tremendous Love washes over me!

Then suddenly, my “oh hum day…” takes on a new meaning! The sun shines even brighter (oddly enough, hotter), I hear clearer the birds with their “songs of praise” to their Creator – reminds me to join in and sing a few verses.  And all concerns are transformed in the Light of Christ, which places them into a proper perspective, and orders them within my responsibilities.

I find, too, that I’m waving at everyone I know with a curious smile that is over my whole face.  This does bring some odd looks, but also smiles as some “just can’t help themselves”!

Yes indeed, as my evening begins, I am more happy, more focused, and filled with infinite joy!  This means the evening Rosary and Mass, that is part of my daily habit, takes on greater meaning with a greater impact and my soul is now disposed and ready to be filled with God’s infinite GRACE, MERCY, and LOVE! If you think all this remains contained within, think again!

Everyone I come in contact with receive a “healthy dose” of their own! Why? God’s GRACE cannot be contained within a single vessel. There’s no way! So it overflows and touches EVERYONE who interacts with me. God is so GREAT!!! So LOVING is He!!!

Thank you, Lord, for making me ME! For calling me into Your service. For the intelligence and talents You have blessed me with. My all that You have given me constantly serve Your Greater Purpose and affect those lives that You bring in contact with mine (directly or indirectly) bringing them ever closer to YOU! In Jesus’ holy and sacred name, I pray humbly… Amen!


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