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Importance of Prayer Part 3

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on May 8, 2008

Next on the list…reflections. 

All that information I provided about the biblical details concerning those specific prayers, Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be, was in a way meant to start the mind a thinkin’ in the reflectatory style.  Yes, I do enjoy making up words. 😉

When we begin to think about what we are praying, then the words take on the actual meaning that was intended.  For instance, when we pray the Our Father it isn’t just for asking Him for our needs, but reminding us that our needs cannot be met unless we let go of our sinfulness and forgive those who sin against us.  By reflecting on those exact words, and doing so with scriptural and/or magisterial content, provides for us more than just “words”.  We now have profound meaning  and understanding.

Anytime God reveals His heart to us through revelation we have a chance to grow expediently both a human beings and as children of God.  Anytime we take the time to really reflect on what He has told us and continues to tell us we will always grow closer to our Creator.   This means that we will also become the people God intended us to be, or as one of my favorite author states, “We become the best version of ourselves.” ~Matthew Kelly

Prayer is powerful in that it can change the world by helping us to change ourselves.  So, for the next few days I am going to post in a Page some reflections that truly have helped me become that person God intended me to be.  These reflections should look familiar as they reflect around another type of prayer known as The Rosary.  Which for those visiting who do not know much about the Rosary, I’m also going to include a detailed page on  The Rosary. 

Prayer is powerful.  This prayer, and others like it, can a do affect change.  Pentecost is fast approaching.  Have you taken five minutes a day to pray the novena to the Holy Spirit?  If you have, reflect for 10 minutes or so, has it made a difference (big or small) in your life?  How?  Write that down, ponder it in your heart, do whatever it takes to remember the difference it has made. 

For me, personally.  Praying this novena – saying the prayer a few times a day – has helped me stay focused on what I’m doing each day.  It has certainly increased the daily communication with my Lord in ways that words cannot adequately express.  I’ve had many challenges this week.  But with this prayer/novena I’ve been given great focus and peace

If you have a similar experience, please consider sharing it.  You can e-mail it or post it in the comments.  To e-mail:  I truly would love to hear from you and to hear your story. 🙂

Be watching!  Those reflections will be up and running within the next few days.  Hopefully… 😉

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