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Importance of Prayer Part 2…

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on May 4, 2008

On Thursday, May 1st, I posted a novena to the Holy Spirit for the purpose of preparing ourselves for the coming of Pentecost.  You can view that post by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Today, May 4th, in order to further encourage prayer and help establish the importance of prayer – especially in this time of history – I am going to post a new prayer for the next few days.  Each prayer will be expanded and reflected on with the hope that it will present itself in a “new light” and understanding to the reader.  Each day that I add a new prayer, I will also included in a new link, found at the bottom of this post. 

The hope is that by reading a new prayer every day this week, maybe you’ll want to pray more than just once a day… maybe you’ll want to say a prayer several times a day… maybe you’ll take more than just a “moment” to say “hello” to God who is, Our Father.  On that note… here we go!

Our Father
Hail Mary New!
Glory Be to…  New!


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