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False Indicator Lights

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on May 2, 2008

During my Adoration time this past Sunday, I began to think how many times the world gives us False Indicator Lights that are meant to tell us when we’re happy and when we’re sad.  When we’re successful and when we’ve failed.  These are lights that claim illumination but all the while are leading us astray.  Some are outrageously false, while others are dangerously subtle. 

It truly is curious how God opened the discussion with me.  I thought, “Isn’t it interesting that when a young couple starts out their marriage, they usually do with just one vehicle, and the vehicle is usually the man’s.  Does this mean that us ladies who own our own cars will never marry?”  God just chuckled and said, “False indicator light, Anne.  Dig a little deeper.”

I then began to reflect a little more profoundly on the other types of  “false indicator lights” that are out there; and before I knew it, I had a Top Ten List of False Indicator Lights.   So here we go.  See if you agree with me, but more importantly, truly ask yourself, “Have you been deceived by any of these false illuminators?”

False Indication Light #1:  Sin doesn’t really exist.  We just make mistakes, a lot sometimes.  But if you learn from your mistakes, you’ll become a better person… eventually.

False Indication Light #2:  There is no “One True Faith”.  Whatever you believe is “okay”.  Just believe in it well.

False Indication Light #3:  God can’t really exist because if He did, then our world wouldn’t be this bad.

False Indication Light #4: Happiness is contained in success.  Success is contained in these three things – wealth, power, and influence.

False Indication Light #5:  You can obtain this happiness just by “willing it to be so”.  Sort of like, “If you will it, IT will come.” (Field of Dreams?)

False Indication Light #6: You don’t need to exercise beyond getting out of bed in the morning to maintain good health.  Just take this little pill. 

False Indication Light #7: You don’t need to change to be a better person.  You just need to learn how to change those around you.

False Indication Light #8: Win friends and influence people by learning the art of control and manipulation.

False Indication Light #9: YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED – be your own personal god – I don’t believe in organized religion.

False Indication Light #10: There is nothing wrong with Fast food. It’s a convenience.

Here is that moment of truth!  Do you find yourself subscribing to one or more of these “False Indication Lights” ?  At one time or another in my life – long, long ago – I fell prey to at least four of these ten.  So I know how easy it is to become hood-winked  into believing these are true.  But they are what the title says, False!  One at a time, let’s take a closer look.

Sin exists.  How do we know?  Because if it didn’t no one would deny the existence of the Creator, thus we would recognize our own self-worth, and peace and harmony would be alive and well in our world.  But as such, we do not often recognize our Creator, and the human person has been so marginalized that millions of unborn children are murdered daily all around the world (abortion).  The elderly are killed (euthanasia)  because of some doctor’s misguided idea of “value” is based on the Marxist theory of “work (doing) equals value” – so forget about retirement!  And those who are ill are told they have a right to end their suffering by killing themselves with drugs (suicide); or if that doesn’t work, by physician assisted suffocation (plastic bag method).  Yes indeed.  Sin exists, and the consequences of sin are everywhere.

The “One True Faith” is that which professes the Word made Flesh, the Creator God is Jesus.  The “One True Faith” also professes then all that Jesus did, taught, and established because it lives these things daily.  You can believe what you want to believe and think it is “okay”, but just remember, you’re not going to live forever.  Sooner or later you’re going to have to face the fact that, faith in mere objects and fellow creatures or even in multiple gods and goddesses will expire after you die and do nothing for your immortal soul.  A soul that will continue to exist outside of this known existence and it will either be with Him that created you or with him that deceived you so completely.  That choice IS yours.

God does exist, but our lack of belief or understanding of His existence cannot be the criteria we use to determine this as true or false.  Our world is the way it is by the choices we make.  God gave us something called free-will – that is the freedom to make our own choices.  He will not  revoke this privilege and begin to take over our “mess” and control the world and the choices we make.  That is NOT God’s Way.  That IS Satan’s way.  Our world is made so that we can live and discover God’s Love through His creation – that is each one of us and all other living creatures.  We can either choose to find Him, or choose to ignore Him.  Either way, the choice is ours, and God’s existence is not pending on that choice.

Success and happiness cannot be contained in things that are passing.  If this were not true, why is it that people often feel they never have enough?  If having vast amounts of money and power make people happy, why is it those who have it are considered the most unhappy people you’ll ever meet?  They have a lot, but they do not have contentment, and they do not have happiness so they often feel like failures because happiness has not been acheived.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask them.

If you will it, IT will come?  Have you ever willed that a sandwich would appear before you because you’re too lazy to get up and make it yourself?  Or how about willing that a specific someone should call you or come and visit you instead of you getting “off your duff ” and making the phone call yourself or going and visiting them yourself?  If you will it, it will come?  oh, Please!  The only thing I can “will” is my own choice to do or not to do something!  The only thing you can will  is to do or not do something.  Nothing will come to us just because we will something to come.

Health and diet (not dieting) are essential to a person’s physical health– how the body performs in everyday occurrences, and in a person’s mental health– which also includes one’s perceived self-value and mental alertness.  If a person were just to get up and not comb their hair or brush their teeth; if they just have a coke for breakfast, and dress in whatever was still clean in their closet, I’m almost certain that, when they looked in the mirror, they wouldn’t see anyone they valued.  How could they?  They do not care even for their teeth to take a moment to brush them. 

It’s almost another certainty that their weight would be either too skinny or overweight.  Are they encouraged to change?  Of course not!  Everywhere they go advertisers are telling them all they need is to take this pill or drink this shake, and their lives will be happy.  Their bodies will miraculously be beautiful, and they will love themselves when they look in the mirror.  I wonder if pretty soon the task of getting out of bed will become too much of a chore for people in this situation?  If you want to be smarter, you study.  If you want to be able to move, you move!  If you wish to be healthy, you do all these things because you love who God created you to be.  You.

False lights 7-9 address the use and abuse of self and others.  Sadly, I’ve seen book titles that promise exactly what these “lights” say – win and influence people by control and manipulation – you are better than everyone else – everyone else wants and needs to be you.  Yes indeed, the most subtle and dangerous false indicator light out there! 

The only person you can control is yourself, and even sometimes this proves to be a chore (see above).  Think control will make you happy?  Think people will want to be your friend if you work to destroy who they are and remake them into yourself?  I wonder how many of people in Hell would answer yes to these questions?  Control and manipulation is Satan’s way – and his way only leads down one path, his path.  If you choose to follow that path, you will choose your final resting place, for you can only control yourself.

Lastly but certainly not least, Fast Food is okay?  It’s just a convenience?  Right… that’s why so many Americans are fighting obesity that has resulted from poor diets and insufficient nutrition.  That’s why so many teens find it difficult to control their eating habits when they get out on their own, thus further perpetuating adult obesity due to poor diet.  That’s why there is not a single underweight worker in any  fast food establishment.  

Do you suppose our constant battles with bacterial infections might be related to the lack of quality found in these foods?  Hmmm… 

Ever notice how many pets of the animal kingdom have refused to join their human counterparts in feasting on their drive-thru meal?  Fast food is okay?… I don’t think so. 

False indicator lights: Top Ten List !  Have you been duped by any of these?  Or are you currently a victim? 


One Response to “False Indicator Lights”

  1. I agree with your list, and think it is very clever. It is so true how people are “hood winked”, as you put it, to thinking with a relativistic mindset. Our God, and His Church, require that we see through the lies of the world to see the Truth, the one True Truth.

    Best of luck with your writings!

    Check us out, we’re new…

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