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Today, after morning Mass…

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on April 25, 2008

…while I was praying for deep consolation and assistance with the holding tight to the foot of my Savior’s Cross, I happen to look up and see a gentleman that I frequently see at Daily Mass.  He was wearing a T-shirt that read upside down, from left to right – If you can read this, please pick me up and place me back on my skis.

Did you laugh too?  So many times during the past few days, I have found myself doubting what God has been up to in my life.  This is nothing short of a direct attack on the part of the Enemy who is familiar with both my strengths and my weaknesses, thanks in part to careful observation.  So he knows what to do to “trip-me-up”, and often times he has moments of success.  As with all beings filled with pride in themselves, he often will try the same thing over and over again, completely convinced what he’s doing will be completely effective.  It is truly unfortunate when the repeated attempts are exactly that.  But, if the person under attack can become aware of the repeated attempts, then they can fight back and win!

This is what God meant for me when He drew my attention to the words on the T-shirt.  I had fallen off my skis, and needed help to get back up.  But I also needed to become even more aware of the tactics of the enemy and how he was able to knock me off my “skis” in the first place.

Trust is an issue that is very important to me, and often a large obstacle when I’m dealing with God as well as with those around me.  I won’t even begin to tell you the number of times my Trust has been abused and mistreated by others.  The scars left by that abuse and misuse are deep.  It is fair to say, “If you lose my Trust, you will never get it back.”  Has God ever abused or misused my Trust?  NEVER!  So why am I treating Him like I treat my fellow human beings who have misused or abused my Trust?

On my road to sanctity, this is what I like to call the Human side. It is my Human Side that forgets God IS Faithful, God IS Trustworthy, God WILL NEVER EVER let me down.  It is my Human Side that is often the target for the Enemy’s attacks.

Without the Cross of Christ and the outpouring of His Sacred Blood upon me, I will fall into mistrust every time!  But when I reach out to Him and cling to the foot of His Cross, Jesus not only reaches out to hold me tight to Him, but the action of His doing so causes His Precious Blood to flow ever more over me, drenching me if you will, with His Grace and Love contained within.

God’s consolation and answer to my prayers came with His wonderful sense of humor, reminding me He will always “pick me up and place me back on my skis”, as I continue on my journey towards Heaven.  Just so you know, I don’t ski, but often times I do feel like life is flying by.  May God grant me the graces to live each moment of my life entirely for Him in EVERYTHING that I do.  Should you desire the same, may He also do this for you!

In Jesus’ Prescious and Holy Name, I humbly pray, AMEN!

Ps Today I also received my first sunburn…spring is definately here with summer on the way…Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful change of the seasons!

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Remember when?…

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on April 18, 2008

Remember when we were kids, and our parent(s) insisted that we take a nap in the middle of the day, and we would try every “trick in the book” to get out of it? Now that we’re grown up, I bet there isn’t a single one of us that doesn’t wish they had even 20 minutes to just lie down and take a nap!

God is calling out to us to come to Him in the Blessed Sacrament. He is insisting that we take just 30 minutes out of our day to spend some quiet time with Him, listening to what He has to tell us. Why? What is so important about spending just 30 minutes a day with God? Why was is so important that we take those naps when we were kids?

The answer? Growth. Plain and simple. As kids, our bodies were constantly changing with the lengthening of our torso and the extension of our arms and legs. Our muscles and bones needed nourishment, both in food and in rest. Sleep allows the body to access the digesting food more effectively. Thus kids who nap are healthier. Same for us as adults with our responding to God’s call.

He has the nourishment we need. He knows what each individual needs to become the wonderful person He designed. Therefore, He also knows precisely how to get us what we need for this growth. If we would just spend 30 minutes with Him, in quiet and rest, before the Blessed Sacrament, we would experience refreshment and our souls would soar. Nothing would we lack. No fear or stress would have a chance to wreck havoc in our lives. “God would fill us to the brim with Him”!

St Teresa of Avila once said:
“Let nothing trouble you. Let nothing frighten you. All is fleeting. God alone is unchanging. Patience obtains all things. The one who possesses God – [in mind, body, and soul] – lacks nothing. For God alone suffices.”

Will those who try “every trick in the book” to avoid these visits regret it later when they are in eternity?

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