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Posted by Anne Elizabeth on December 7, 2018

It is with deep sadness that I must announce that Anne Elizabeth Moody passed away from cancer on Thursday, December 6, 2018 at the age of 45.

Until we meet again, dear friend, you will be sorely missed.

(Posted by her friend, Carol)

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How would you react… Part IV

Posted by Anne Elizabeth on October 6, 2018

Come all who labor and I will give you rest. ~Mt 11:28

AS I INDICATED in the last post…

God has provided me with a number of heads-up moments to prepare me for the next event. So here’s how it happened:

  • I receive a text from one of my parents asking me how I’m doing
  • I respond with, “Doing as well as expected. Did ya’ll send the check yet for the funeral services?”
  • They reply with, “Why? You are still very much alive!”
  • I did say that one of my parents was having difficulty accepting the cancer, so the Holy Spirit stepped in: “…do not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say; for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour, for it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.” ~Mt 10:19b-20

Without giving away which parent, the Spirit reminded them that they themselves were not leaving their end of life decisions until the last minute. My youngest sibling was traveling out to meet them to place their signature on some important docs and will eventually be the one in-charge of their “estate” when my parents pass.

Then the Spirit made this proclamation that set me up for what I would hear at my Oncologist’s appointment. He said though me in the text,

“Well my passing is not such a mystery. This cancer IS growing and I AM loosing weight. It’s a serious cancer and one that has a low survival rate. I can’t wait until I’m not here to take care of this end-of-life detail. So either ya’ll fulfill your promise or I will find other means to raise the funds needed.”

My parent sent out the check the next day. I later found out from my sibling that this had been a continuous argument between my parents – and finally the one who had accepted the situation, won!


That Thursday I listened to this wonderful Oncologist – who, believe it or not, isn’t in it for the money, but for saving life. So what he had to say really impressed me and demonstrated clearly that he truly was interested in quality of life, no matter at what stage of cancer. 

He looked me in the eye, was calm and honest. He informed me that my diagnosis was incorrect. The PET scan confirmed his findings, I don’t have Colon Cancer, Stage 3, but Rectal Cancer, stage 4. The liver is inundated with lesions and therefore inoperable. Chemotherapy wouldn’t do any good.  I have 6 months to a year left. Then he said,

“Let’s focus on quality of the life remaining to you. I think you should pursue radiation to shrink the tumor because we don’t want it closing off your colon. That’s a very painful way to die. Then if we can shrink it enough, we can remove it. This will alleviate a lot of the pain that you are currently in. Thus we can drastically improve the quality of remaining life.”

Scroll back up and read again what the Spirit had me write just two days prior! Amazing, is it not? I responded to his comments with equal calm and a very positive attitude as I had just received confirmation that I would get to go home early!!!

And that, dear readers, is EXACTLY how I see it! This life is VERY TEMPORARY. It’s NOT our FINAL destination. HEAVEN IS our FINAL GOAL, our FINAL DESTINATION. 

We MUST keep our eyes on Christ and Eternity, or this life will have no meaning, no purpose. I’ll be writing more on this later, after I’ve had a full recovery from everything.

Now, if you would like to help, because I sure won’t be able to earn any funds for a while, if at all, there are two ways that you can:

Way number ONE:

Snail Mail: Those who know me can shoot me an email (click on the Contact Me, right column) for the current address – btw, it’s not on Hamilton Street. Any amount you would like to give will go towards living expenses: Rent, utilities, phone. I anticipate selling my car as I most likely won’t be driving when the cancer in the liver begins to make life difficult. But I’ll only be asking the payoff price for the loan, so no extra funds there.

My groceries are covered. 🙂 

Way number TWO:

Click HERE to make a direct donation via paypal. My friend and I did look into “Go fund Me”, but they keep 40% of whatever is raised. We’re trying to raise living expenses, not hire a lawyer. 😉

These donations can be ONE time or monthly support. It’s entirely up to you and I will not solicit further assistance should you choose the first. I have AT LAST learned to TRUST in the Lord for His provisions. He’s the One to inspire the giving. 😉

A BIG THANK YOU in advance for anyone who can help!

And as always, THANK YOU for your prayers! You’re in my prayers as well. And with all this extra suffering I get to experience, there’s more GRACES available associated with those prayers. 😉

UPDATE: 10/05/18

Today was my final day for treatment, Woohoo! Yesterday, my birthday (10/04), was miserable. I got super sick thanks to my body deciding that would be the day for a week’s worth of pooing. Lots of misery there. But on the positive side my friend kept me with her so that I didn’t have to go through this alone on my birthday. She is soooo AWESOME!!! And I received many birthday greetings both in text and in the mail to make the day extra special.

Her Birthday Flowers to me. Now they greet me whenever I wake up.

My Birthday will be repeated at a later date, though, since I wasn’t able to eat very much. Thankfully I feel 150% better today and I hope to continue to improve as the weeks go by.

The way this radiation treatment is supposed to work is, over the next 4 weeks the tumor cells should be dying off and the tumor should be shrinking. That’s what the prayers are for. If it shrinks enough it can be removed. Of course the colon will most likely come with it so to prevent any new recurrences of the tumor, and I’m TOTALLY OKAY with that. Easier waste removal, if you think about it. 😉

So in 4 weeks there should be another scan and the Oncologists will then make a decision on what’s next to be done. Again, all prayers are focused on this being successful and the tumor being removed. Quality of life, that’s the focus right now. 🙂

Thank you for adding this to your own prayers! And thank you, again, for any support you are able to give.

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